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Role : Leader
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PostSubject: Click Here   Thu Jul 06, 2017 4:47 pm

Welcome to Candle Lit
We are one of the many guilds that Feature the Three Soul Heroes, this guild is fairly new, and there will be many changes to come within the future, we welcome you with open arms, I have decided to start recruiting people early, and give out free Hero draws, though of course we all have to work for our Heroes and each new member will only get one Draw, don't get ahead of yourself little one

Before you are thinking about signing our Application, please know that there are a couple of requirements that are needed to be in our happy little home. Shall we go over those things?

* Activeness
* 13+ Of age for
* Know the basic Forumotion Rules
* Collaboration Skills
* Fairness
* Knowing about the Dollars 'No scam' Policy

Another thing we would like to throw out there for younger users, that any privacy including 'Genders, Ages, Emails, Contacts', and so on, are all hidden unless you yourself decide to share with others, if you do and come complaining we can do nothing about it. So we try to have younger users refraining from sharing that information, Administrators can view some of the information on you through the panel. All information will not be looked deeply through unless necessary, no need to worry!

Now that the basics are out of the way, let's get to the actual Application. There will be certain roles. Please choose the ones that you think would suit you the best, if asking to be a Co-leader or something close you must have a Guardian or be 16 or older.

The ranks are;
Leader (Close) 18+
The general leaders, they make the rules

Co-Leader (Two Slots Open) 16+
Second in charge, help make the rules. And have just as much authority as the Leader

Scout (Basic Experience)
The users, who are close or special to the leaders and help Leaders scout out what's going on, they also help organize Upcoming Battles, and keep them organized

Members (No extra requirements)
Users who want to join, but don't want to take on any extra responsibility

After you have chosen your rank, send the following form to Tristyn1257@gmail.com and wait for it to be reviewed, spam or bad messages will be blocked.

Name (Username, or Preference);
Guardian (If so);
If rank what do you think you can do to help;
Put One if want free Ticket;
Any Guild experience?;

After you've been reviewed your account will be registered (if accepted) And you will be sent a Username and Password. (Which can be changed later) The email that you contact me with, will be the email that will be used as the main accounts Email, which can be changed later. Thank you.


king  lol!
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