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 Buy With Online Currency

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PostSubject: Buy With Online Currency    Thu Jul 06, 2017 8:15 pm

All of the following Prices can only be bought with Dollars, you can check your dollars by going to your profile, or posting somewhere and having it show up. Dollars can be earned many ways. You get one dollar a day, and you can also get dollars through Posts and friends.

Hero draw~~ 3,000 Dollars

Dollars will Automatically be removed off of your account after you Purchase. If you are having a problem with a Hero, you have a week to return it. Afterwards Refunds will not be accepted, this is virtual money so it is not taking as seriously as Real Money. Please do not abuse the refund system

If you are looking to purchase a Draw at this very second,
Please send a request into a Administrator (Blue users, Leader/Co-leaders)
Send this link through message, and send any after Comments in another reply

If you'd like a Refund Message a Administrator with the following information
*Screenshot of who you sent the request in to, and who did the draw for you. (So we have proof)

*What hero you are refunding

* Points history (Automatically checked for you)

Thank you
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Buy With Online Currency
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