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PostSubject: Duplications   Thu Jul 06, 2017 8:25 pm

I feel this is a problem in other Guilds, so I will be pointing out a couple of things including a couple of rules. And before I even begin to explain what you can do after getting a duplicate, I am just going to point out that

* You CANNOT sell your Heroes for Points or Real cash

* You CANNOT refund your hero for a new draw ~~Thank you

On the other hand if you are concerned about spending all this cash just to get another duplicate you can;

* Trade your hero for another hero(s) (Yes you can get more then One hero per trade)
If you are interested in a trade with somebody, message a Administrator explaining who your doing the trade with and what characters, of course the person your trading with will have to approve of it as well.

*Simply use the Duplicate
Just because you got a dupe doesn't mean you can't use it, for all you know you may have gotten a really good dupe and it could serve as a big help to your team

If you REALLY are frustrated about a Dupe, don't be afraid to message a Admin. For example

* Spent all your actual cash on a disappointing duped character
* Have already gotten several of this dupe.

If you have gotten several dupes (3-4 in a similar time period) We can understand your frusteration and we will refund you and if you like switch it out for a Raffle or two (;
(Don't abuse this power) If you got 3-4 same ones in 6 months, that's not a close timeline. Although if you were quickly buying some in a week-month and kept getting the same character. Refunds!

Thank you for your understanding

king lol!
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