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 Buy with Real Currency

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Role : Leader
Dollars : 555

PostSubject: Buy with Real Currency    Thu Jul 06, 2017 8:38 pm

So, you don't want to wait all that time for dollars do you?
Good thing for you, because we accept;

* Paypal
* Shipped Cash
* Greencard

We take the direct payment very seriously, so if you buy a Raffle and then get a crappy Character or a duplicate that is in no way our problem, that is why it is a raffle... for your enjoyment and surprise! We aren't going to refund you if you're going to cry about small issues like this.

THOUGH there are 100 percent Positives, where you can get whatever Character you want, go over our Selections carefully

Draw~ 29.99

10 G~ (Choose 10 Heroes and role them)- 56.99

5 G~ (Choose 5 heroes and role them) 100.99

1 G~ (Promised to get the hero YOU want) 180.99

You may NOT go through the hero selection, you want a certain hero you have to know it.

If not Satisfied in the next two weeks, a refund Flat, if you are thinking about refunding or aren't positive that you won't, you may not

* Battle and get the prize
* Use in Guild Battles

Though if you are for sure Satisfied no Refunds and your positive, go right ahead !

If you do, this is abusing the system, which is not tolerated, anywhere.

Send all checkings to Leena.su, if you don't know what that is, message a Admin.

Thank you much <3

~~ As always V

king  king  king  lol!
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Buy with Real Currency
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